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The Big Idea...

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My initial plan was to make this a sports blog. I'm a sports junkie and always have been. I thought that perhaps I could bring a fresh perspective to sports blogging. And I will still probably write a lot of blog entries that pertain to sports. In addition though, I want to make this blog a forum for me (and eventually guest bloggers and friends) to write about a variety of different topics. Nothing will be off limits. 


  I've been told by my friends that they enjoy reading my facebook statuses. One friend even suggested that if I got a blog, she would read it simply based on how much she likes to read my facebook statuses. So I took her up on that idea. If no one else reads this thing, she better at least read this thing.  Consider this blog an expansion on my small daily thoughts and opinions that up until this point have only ever been up to 140 characters on my facebook status.


  Let the great experiment begin... 



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